To get ahead in your job search, these tools are all you need

Looking to find a new role can be tough. When you're in the midst of a job hunt, you may feel that you're doing all you can. However, since you can be up against hundreds (if not thousands!) of other impressive candidates, you need a way to get ahead of the game. Luckily, there's a whole host of online tools that will help you to do just that. Let's take a look at some of the best ones you can start using for free today.

Online tools to boost your CV

Word cloud generator

With the rise of applicant tracking systems, it's become more important than ever to include the right keywords in your CV. But how do you know which terms to incorporate? This is where a word cloud generator can come in handy. Take three job listings for positions you think are right for you and paste them into the generator. The resulting image will show you which words occur most frequently in those listings, helping you to identify the keywords that are paramount to the jobs you're after. Those are the terms you should highlight in your CV to really stand out.


Flawless spelling and grammar are essential to a successful CV, but don't panic if you're not a whizz in these areas ‒ there's a free online tool that can help you to keep your writing in check. Grammarly is an app you can install on your computer and browser that will point out grammatical mistakes or typos. As you write, the app will underline any errors you make as you go. To ensure professional polish, it's worth running your CV and cover letter through this tool.


Make no mistakes, writing a well-thought-out CV is a fine art and, sometimes, it takes a professional eye to get right. If you'd like to take your applications to the next level, TopCV's free CV review could be the answer. It will analyse your CV for important features like using "achiever" language and ATS-readability. The objective, expert feedback will help you to discover your CV's weak points so you know what to improve on.

Skill-building online tools

The Open University

Needless to say, building your skill set is a surefire way to get ahead. If you want your CV to really shine, taking the time to learn new things and investing in your future is key. You don't have to fork out loads of money to further educate yourself, either. The Open University has a wide range of free courses you can undertake. Why not browse through the list of available options and find one that suits your chosen career?

Skills Health Check

Working out what skills you currently have could be the key to identifying your strengths. The UK government has a Skills Health Check questionnaire which will help you along the way. All you have to do is answer a set of questions about your experience and knowledge. At the end of the quiz, you'll get a report that will help you to figure out what roles may suit you. Armed with this knowledge, you can apply for relevant positions.


With unlimited access to more than 30,000 online classes, Skillshare is another free online tool to help you get ahead. Whether you want to expand your writing skills or learn how to draw, there's certain to be a class for you. The site is most useful for those in the creative or business spheres, as topics covered include design, technology, entrepreneurship, and photography. If you'd like to spend your free time doing something productive, this is a good way to go.

Online tools to help you network


Meeting like-minded professionals is one way to find out about new opportunities and job openings within your sector, and attending key conferences and events is a way to do just that. 10times lists events, trade shows, and fairs that are going on near you. You can search these by both industry and area to see what's going on. Taking the time to attend some choice events could help you to find new opportunities. You never know who you may meet and what doors they could open.


While you may wish to attend networking events in person, using LinkedIn during the job search could help you to expand your circle as well. Connect with professionals you've worked with and those you've met at events. Get into the habit of using this social platform by posting and interacting with others and it could make a difference to your job search.

There's no time like the present!

If you're ready to find your next role, there's no time like the present. Why not begin using some of these online tools now and see where they take you? Learning new skills, building your professional network and improving your CV will boost your overall chances of finding a dream role. Go forth and conquer your job search!

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