Ever wondered how a CV review can help you?

You may have a rough idea of what a good CV looks like. You might understand that it should document your contact details, your employment history and your education.

While you're correct in thinking that a CV ought to record these details, a great CV manipulates these snippets to show prospective employers that you have the traits they're looking for in their next hire.

Can you be confident in writing a CV that is suitable for a prospective employer's review? Handing your CV over to the experts for a free CV review before you submit an application will help to dispel all uncertainty.

Why a CV review?

CV reviews go beyond a quick once over. It's not simply a scan of your CV to check for pitfalls and giving it back covered in red pen. That's nothing but a myth.

A TopCV review offers an objective, holistic perspective on your CV. From reviewing your entire career history and employment goals to the state of the industry and CV best practices, a free CV review will examine your CV in its entirety through a professional lens. Then, feedback will point out the weak spots and identify what you can do to make your CV even better.

Here's what else you need to know if you're considering a free CV review.

They offer an objective view on your CV

You might believe that you have a good CV, but your opinion is subjective. The opinion that matters the most is the potential employer's.

CV experts understand what an employer is looking for and can provide that much-needed unbiased perspective on your CV. A TopCV review can objectively evaluate your CV's strengths, strategy, and overall effectiveness, with the employer's needs and your career goals at the forefront.

They offer specific feedback tailored to your CV

As we said earlier, a CV review won't only uncover the areas that require feedback. You can expect nitty gritty analyses of certain parts of your CV. You will be guided through potential improvements through suggestions and tweaks to particular sections of your CV, such as your personal profile.

With such specific feedback, amending your CV is a breeze. What's more, you can feel confident that you've made the necessary changes to increase your chances of securing that all-important interview.

They review your CV strategically

Your CV is your personal marketing tool. Ultimately, it should be designed to present your most pertinent skills in line with the role you're applying for. You may have the details down on the page, but you must also consider the structure and formatting of these components so they are displayed in the most strategic way.

For example, your CV should be structured appropriately so that it looks good on the page and reads well – otherwise, it may overwhelm the time-poor HR manager and force them to move on to the next candidate's application. In addition, you should format your points to be read accurately by applicant tracking systems (ATS), by optimising the text on your CV with keywords.

TopCV will work through your CV step by step, analysing all areas strategically to improve the condition of your overall application.

They provide constructive criticism

Learning about where you need to improve can be an uncomfortable experience for many. The prospect of sending your CV for a review might be daunting, but be reassured that you will face no judgement.

A CV review service will equip you with the knowledge to strengthen your CV, zooming in on tips and tricks that will benefit your application ‒ and many applications to come, in fact.

By drawing your attention to the weaker areas of your CV and showing you how to improve, a free CV review is guaranteed to prepare you for every job application throughout your career.

The benefits of a CV review

A free CV review is a surefire way to improve your job application. It won't just reveal gaps and issues, it will also show you how to action these improvements and make your CV stronger.

If you're thinking about sending your CV to a professional service, make sure you do your research. Ideally, CV review services like TopCV should provide an accurate, objective critique that fulfils the criteria outlined above.

Ultimately, choose a free CV review that is designed to assist you, as opposed to potentially stressing you out as it exposes the pitfalls. The true experts are there to offer objective feedback, designed to improve your CV and propel you into a job interview and beyond.

TopCV's free review does all of this for you. Gain insight and improve your prospects by submitting y0ur CV here.

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