If you want to succeed in the job search, you need a CV that shows you off

Your CV is your personal marketing tool for the job search. It's designed to demonstrate and elevate your abilities in a way that shows the recruiter or hiring manager that you're the right person for the job. But are you really showing potential employers what you've achieved and are capable of, or are you simply telling them what you've done day to day?

At TopCV, we've found that a large chunk of candidates come to us with "doer" CVs, rather than "achiever" CVs – which can be the difference between landing an interview and not.

Let's identify the differences between "doer" and "achiever" CVs and what it takes to present your skills and abilities in the best possible way.

What does a "doer" CV look like?

"Doer" CVs simply list the main duties and responsibilities of a role with very little specified detail. For example, if you work in PR you might write up press releases, or if you work in sales you might talk to leads.

But these task-based details simply tell a recruiter what you did; they don't show what you achieved, demonstrate your true potential, or set you apart from other candidates. This is a rookie mistake.

Everyone completes tasks in their day-to-day jobs; it's part and parcel of every job out there. After all, the term "job" literally means a task done as part of the routine of one's occupation.

But if you're applying for the same job as someone that has an incredibly similar career history to you, how on earth do you set yourself apart?

What does an "achiever" CV look like?

An "achiever" CV goes above and beyond to show your impact in the workplace. Instead of reeling off day-to-day tasks, "achiever" CVs bolt them to examples of successes.

An "achiever" CV draws on numbers, statistics, improvements, efficiencies, and results. Ultimately, it highlights the ways in which you excelled and how the company benefited because of your actions. Anyone can be a doer, but it doesn't mean the doer did their tasks well. Adding tangible proof of abilities changes this.

Don't fret if you're glancing over your CV and can see that you've listed your main duties as opposed to your achievements. It's a common CV mistake and an easily rectifiable one.

How can I identify my achievements?

To identify your achievements, start by reviewing your own targets and goals within the workplace. Then work out whether you are successfully working towards them, have met them, or even exceeded them.

If you can, quantify these achievements with solid metrics, such as "Developed new procedures for onboarding new recruits, which saved the company 150 hours annually" or "Met or exceeded monthly sales targets ranging from £20k to £60k," to give the hiring manager a concrete picture of your ability and potential.

If you don't have any targets set in stone, reflect on the ways your manager measures your success, ways you have influenced a positive change in the workplace, and even your positive contributions towards projects.

If you've been in your most recent job for a while, you may struggle to pinpoint all your achievements as you look back over the years. Turn to your old appraisals for inspiration as they should document your most notable successes.

How do I pen my achievements?

Now that you're armed with a list of your achievements, it's time to review each one and decide which to include in your CV. But pinpointing your best bits for your CV can be tricky. After all, you're reviewing your career history with bias, and what you consider most noteworthy may not be in line with a recruiter's expectations.

Enlisting the help of a CV writing service like TopCV is a great place to start. Not only does their network of expert CV writers consist of professionals with experience across 65 industries, but they're also talented writers. As "achiever" language can be difficult to grasp, the CV writers will tweak and tailor every line and adjust the structure of your accomplishments so that they are as impactful as possible.

With this holistic, professional approach, not only will your professionally written CV impress a human recruiter, but it will also impress the ATS (recruiting software that is used to screen job applications). In short, you'll stand a stronger chance of making it through to the interview stage.

Take your CV to the next level by showing that you're not just a doer ‒ you're an achiever. You've worked so hard throughout your career; you don't deserve to sell yourself short. And if you need a hand showcasing your true potential, the professional CV writers are always on standby to polish your CV.

Read more expert career advice and learn more about our expert CV writing services to ensure that your CV presents you as the achiever you are.

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