The ticket to job search success is a CV that shows you off

The key to job-search success is a high-impact CV ‒ but how do you make that splash? It's not by using long words or fancy designs, it's by presenting the very best version of you. Think of a CV as your personal sales brochure ‒ a document which shows you off to maximum advantage. It needs to balance impressiveness with a humble attitude, whilst saying the right things in the right way.

Sounds tricky? Luckily, at TopCV, we have experienced writers who are solely focussed on making you shine! Here are just a few ways that a TopCV writer can show you off better than you can:

We blow your trumpet without making you sound arrogant

There's a fine line between showing off your skills and sounding arrogant. While we're taught to be humble, a CV is no place for holding back on your accomplishments. We're confident that we can achieve this balance for you because we know how to write your CV in exactly the right tone, saving you the discomfort of boasting whilst trying to show your value. We tell your story effectively to emphasise your employability.

We know the language which will help you to stand out

At TopCV, we write your CV with action verbs, keywords targeted to your particular industry and career objectives, and an active voice, all to position you as an  "achiever" rather than a "doer". Our skill lies in taking the bare bones of your career and transforming them into an articulate representation of your skills, experiences, and achievements.

We understand what recruiters care about

Professional CV writers know what recruiters are looking for. In fact, some of them have worked as recruiters themselves! Because of this, we're able to make sure that you're sending the right message. Sometimes, what you leave out is as important as what you include, so having a professional opinion on which parts of your CV hit the right note and which should be discarded is invaluable in crafting a document that successfully represents you.

We'll ensure your CV is ATS-friendly

An ATS (or applicant tracking system) scans CVs and can create a shortlist of applicants based on search terms determined by the HR manager. Professional CV writers use their extensive experience to format and word your CV to maximise your chance of selection. We'll also ensure that ‒ when it finally reaches the beady eye of a human recruiter ‒ it impresses them as well. Appealing to both humans and computers is one more skill that your writer can use to help you.

We'll align your CV with the requirements of the modern job market

If you haven't hit the job market in a long time, you may need to learn how to update your outdated CV. This means you may still be writing in the first person. Or maybe you're including a photo, your date of birth, or even your nationality. Did you know that since anti-discrimination legislation was introduced, all of these elements and more are highly discouraged on CVs? Your writer will ensure that you avoid all such common pitfalls.

You know you can do the job ‒ you have the right experience, knowledge, and skills. But getting that down on paper isn't always easy. Working with a professional CV writer is a collaborative process – you'll have the opportunity to share your current CV and explain your career objectives. When you receive your first draft there are further opportunities to work with your allocated writer to change, add to, and improve your CV, whilst still being supported by their expertise and advice. Together, you'll create a document which will position you effectively to set you on the road to job-hunt success. 

Ready to impress employers? Learn more about working with a TopCV professional CV writer.

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