Know that your CV is putting your best foot forward

Looking for a new job can be tough. It's a lengthy process of trawling through job boards, tweaking and tailoring your CV to every role, and sitting tight, hoping that your application for a dream position gets a look in. But when you're continually faced with rejection, it's bound to shatter your job-search motivation sooner or later.

We understand your frustration and discouragement. In fact, it's the very reason we're here: to help you with your CV and get you on your way to job-search success. Not only will a professionally written CV give you a competitive edge, but it will also help you feel more confident with your job search.

Here's how a professionally written CV can boost your job-search confidence and help you to secure a role that matches your aspirations.

You'll showcase career highlights you didn't know you had

Professional CV writers can do more than rejig your CV so that it reads comprehensively. They're gifted in the art of analysing and understanding career paths and identifying the gems that are most pertinent to prospective employers.

You may believe that you "developed a marketing strategy" and "increased website traffic." But a professional CV writer will see that you "tripled organic traffic in 18 months" and pioneered the project that resulted in this stratospheric achievement.

CV writers see beyond your day-to-day tasks. They know that hidden between the gaps of your routine to-do list, there are plenty of accomplishments. CV writers will mine for them, seeking the best in you and your career and helping you to present them in a polished way.

You'll soon realise that you had more to offer than you first thought.

You'll know your CV is slick and polished

Writing a CV is a daunting prospect. And even though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of CV templates out there, how do you know they're up to standard? Are the font and formatting slick enough? Is your CV structured in a way that showcases your best bits? Have you included too many bullet points?

Anyone can proofread, and we're not underrating the importance of a thorough CV read-through prior to submitting your application. However, even if it is typo-free, you can't be sure it is error-free. That's because we're only really shown how to write a CV in secondary school and, since the job-hunting landscape is continually changing, there's no way to guarantee what you learnt back then is what an employer is looking for today.

Professional CV writers know a thing or two about what a CV should look like. It's their job to stay abreast of current trends, rules, and expectations. By working with a CV pro, you'll feel confident in your CV, knowing that it's slick, polished and exactly what it needs to be to land you the role.

You'll feel like a legitimate professional

With the stamp of approval from a professional CV writer, you'll instantly feel taller, broader, and more confident in your abilities.

Your CV is your personal marketing document; it's your career advertisement. When it looks strong and professional, it's guaranteed to reflect on your sense of self too. Sending your CV off to the pros to tinker with is more than a Word doc revamp. It's a complete confidence makeover.

You have always been a successful professional, but you might not have known how to unlock and represent that success and potential on paper. Knowing that your CV presents you in the best possible light will make you feel more legitimate as you continue looking for a new job.

You'll believe in your best self

Looking for a new role often comes hand in hand with rejection, and that can harm your job search confidence. But it doesn't have to be this way. By using a professional CV writer, you'll feel confident perusing position openings and submitting applications, as you'll know that you're showcasing your best self every single time.

Still, need convincing? Think of it this way: professional CV writers genuinely care about the direction of your career. They recognise that you're a talented professional and they want your CV to do you justice. You deserve it! Plus, they're genuinely passionate about the craft of CV writing and constantly seek to perfect CVs at every opportunity.

Professional CV writers are genuine, as are their ambitions. By working with them, you can feel confident that your CV demonstrates your best skills in a way that prospective employers understand.

Ready to take the plunge, kick-start your job search, and discover a more meaningful career? Learn more about how TopCV can boost your confidence with our expert CV writing services.

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