Our TopCV makeover contest winner has a winning mentality thanks to her CV rewrite.

All job searches are not created equal. While some are linear ‒ moving from one industry to a similar one or performing the same function for different companies within the same city ‒ others are a bit more complicated.

Our TopCV makeover contest winner, Diana, had a job search that fitted the latter category. Not only was Diana preparing to move from South Africa to the UK, but she was also looking to transition from independent work back into a corporate environment ‒ a move that presents unique challenges on its own. She worked with our writer, Christa, to craft a brand new CV that would help her to accomplish all of her goals. After her CV writing project was completed, Diana sat down with TopCV editor, Jenna, to discuss her experience. See below for her before and after CVs, full interview, and exciting results.


TopCV: Thanks for joining me, Diana. Congratulations on winning our makeover contest! I'd love to hear a bit more about your job search goals pre-TopCV rewrite?

DW: I wanted to get back into digital and print publishing in a corporate environment in the UK.

TopCV: What roadblocks were you facing?

DW: Because I've been running my own business for the last two years, to get back into some kind of corporate office environment was very, very tricky. I couldn't translate my experience in running my own business into applying for another job.

TopCV: How did you find the TopCV makeover contest and what made you enter?

DW: I saw it on Facebook. I've been following TopCV for really long. (Are you following TopCV on Facebook? No? What are you waiting for?) When I saw the competition, I thought, "This could be it." And that's why I entered.

TopCV: I'd love to hear about your rewrite experience.

DW: The initial process of filling out the form ‒ the CV worksheet ‒ was great because it almost gave me a clean slate. Previously, I would always just amend my CV or add and adjust or rewrite a little bit, but the fact that I got a completely clean slate to start from scratch was wonderful. I loved the part where I had to give examples of jobs that interested me. The idea to find jobs that I would apply for myself was genius. I needed to include the skills listed, but never ever even thought of highlighting those particular skills in my CV.

The process was very informative ‒ it was very eye-opening. Working with Christa was incredible; she just understood me. She translated all my information into something that was succinct and well-rounded and precise. It's amazing.

TopCV: How do you feel moving forward with your new CV?

DW: I've had so much interest already it's actually quite frightening. It's really nice to know that I've got a CV in the right format that accurately transfers my skills.

TopCV: Was there anything that surprised you about working with TopCV and your writer?

DW: Christa's knowledge was fantastic. And just the layout ‒ it's just something I'd never really considered. And just the fact that she got a 16-page CV down to two pages is mind-blowing. It's like she's worked magic. She was astounding. Absolutely unbelievable. The process was so quick, she stuck to every deadline, always did what she said she was going to do, always got back to me when she said she was going to get back to me ‒ it was very, very professional. She's amazing.

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