There are jobs to be found.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the economy hard. As of October 2020, there have been almost 500,000 redundancies in the UK.

If you have lost your job and are searching for a new role, you may be wondering where to start. Fortunately enough, there are many companies still hiring during COVID-19. Searching for a role in a whole new sector could be the key to your career success. To give you a head-start, let's delve into some of the industries that are currently recruiting for new positions.


The pandemic has highlighted the enormous value of healthcare workers here in the UK. Needless to say, it has put immense pressure on workers across the NHS and further afield. When we look at which sectors are growing during COVID-19, we should start at the top with the world of healthcare.

Nursing apprenticeships

The government announced additional funding for thousands more apprentice nurses in England. The Department of Health and Social Care said that the £172 million boost would mean that health care employers could take up to 2,000 new nursing degree applicants per year over the next four years. The idea is that the money will help make this much-needed job role more accessible to applicants in the coming years.

Health and social care

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a greater need for health and social care workers. Whilst the sector saw an initial dip, vacancies in this area are rising. Job roles within this industry include carers, youth workers, adult nurses, community development workers and more.

Retail and Deliveries

Next up, are some of the major retail companies still hiring during the pandemic. Whilst many businesses are taking a hit due to the current circumstances, the retail sector has remained strong. With that in mind, the following brands have announced that they will be expanding in the near future.


At the start of September, the online retailer announced plans to create 7,000 new UK jobs. The roles will range from customer services to operations management and tech roles. What's more, the company also plans to take on 2,000 seasonal workers over the Christmas period to manage the influx of online orders.


Similarly, Tesco has announced that they will be hiring 16,000 new permanent staff members. These roles will range from in-store positions to jobs within the supermarket's distribution centres. Since the company's online shop is set to grow and grow, the UK's biggest supermarket chain will need some additional support.


Lidl announced that they would be opening a store a week in the lead up to Christmas, amounting to 25 new shops. The move means that the brand will be creating up to 1,000 jobs by the end of the year and the supermarket chain is set to create a further 4,000 jobs across the UK in the near future.


With plans to open 18 new stores across the UK before the end of the year, Aldi is also set to create a wealth of new jobs. Hertford, Plympton, Bristol, Sandhurst, Milton Keynes, King's Norton, Weymouth and Poole are amongst the locations getting new shops. Aside from in-store roles, the company also offers Industrial Placements.


Food box business Gousto started back in 2012. However, with more people staying at home due to the pandemic, companies like this one have boomed. The business already hired 400 more workers during the summer. The founder's said that the company plans to triple its capacity, which will also create thousands of new jobs.

Technology and Manufacturing 

It's no surprise that both technology and manufacturing roles are in demand. Should you have skills in these areas, it may be worth looking for a new job sooner, rather than later. Here are a couple of companies still hiring during COVID-19 and what you need to know about them.

Arm Holdings

The British software design company has stayed strong throughout the pandemic. In July, the business announced that it would be creating at least 3,494 staff in the UK by next year. The company also said that 70% of these new roles would be tech jobs.


In March, Ineos set up a crash project to manufacture hand gels, sanitiser sprays and sanitiser wipes. The project initially hired 200 staff members. However, experts believe that as the need for such products grows, there may be more jobs available in this company and industry as a whole. 


Still wondering which sectors are growing during COVID-19? Research from Small Business Prices compared the growth of industries across the country. By looking at the number of applicants for each sector versus the vacancies, the study painted a clear picture of the sectors still hiring. Here are three of the miscellaneous industries that have a current need for additional workers.


If you're good with your hands and have the proper training, a job within the repair or handyman industry may be a wise career move. The latest research found that there were approximately 166 jobs available for every job search in this sector. That suggests that there are more roles than there are applicants in this particular industry.


Transport roles can include everything from driving buses to working as an Uber driver. During the pandemic, this sector has remained relatively stable, and there are now roles available. The research also found that there were about 20 vacancies for every job search in this area. That means that your chances of landing a role in the sector are high.


There are currently more than 5,000 roles available in the waste sector, according to the research from Small Business Prices. The study found that there were around nine jobs available for every job search, meaning that the industry is lacking applicants. If you are searching for steady work, consider looking for opportunities in this important industry. 

New opportunities 

Though things may seem bleak, every cloud has a silver lining. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there's no doubt that some UK sectors have suffered. However, others have surely flourished.

If you're on the hunt for a new job, now could be the ideal time to get your CV in shape and start applying. Your next role could surprise you.

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