From entry-level to executive, we have CV examples and guidance for professionals at every career stage

You only have a few seconds to stand out when a recruiter evaluates your CV ‒ on average, they only spend about six seconds reviewing each one.

So, whether you're a seasoned executive or just entering the job market for the first time, you need to ensure your CV can pass the six-second test, help you land the job interview, and ultimately secure you the job. One way to accomplish this is by looking at sample CVs. Reviewing good CV samples and templates can help you to understand the relative weaknesses and strengths of your own document. Our free, expert and confidential CV review can provide you with an objective analysis, too.

We've collected all of the CV samples and guidance we've offered to create one comprehensive post, so no matter what your experience level you can find a perfect and professional CV example to use as guidance as you prepare your CV for your next career move.

Entry-level CV

Whether you're about to graduate from university, already have a job or are just simply new to the working world, it's time to kick your job search efforts into high gear - starting with your entry-level CV. In order to make a great first impression and land the dream job you want, you'll need a polished CV that sets you apart from the other recent graduates you're competing against and grabs the attention of HR managers and employers in the process. This means knowing how to format your CV, what to include in your skills and experiences, and using the right language to sell yourself. Remember, your CV is a marketing document ‒ not a laundry list of your work experience and education.

This entry-level CV sample will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to impressing prospective employers during the job search.

Mid-level CV

You're not quite entry-level anymore, but you're also not looking at executive jobs yet ‒ what does that mean for your CV? Now that you have a few years of solid work experience in your field of choice and are pursuing management-level positions, it's time to update your CV from its entry-level format to something that properly showcases the relevant management skills, abilities and achievements that you worked so hard to obtain throughout your early career. Small changes to your CV can mean the difference between a rejection letter and a callback.

Here's a CV sample that will guide you on how to showcase your skills and convince employers that you're ready to take your career to the next level.

Executive-level CV

The CV format you used when you first graduated from university (or even the CV you used to land your manager positions) will no longer serve you well at this stage of your career. From condensing your years of experience and knowledge to showcasing your results, achievements, skill set, and leadership skills, it seems impossible to fit that into only two to three neat pages. In addition to providing the right information that employers will care about, you need to create an executive CV that is polished and will catch an HR manager's attention. You've worked hard to get to this level of your career; your CV should accurately represent that time, effort and energy.

Take a look at an executive CV sample and learn more about how to craft the perfect executive-level CV here.

While these samples will help you to figure out how to create a CV that will land you the job, we highly recommend submitting yours for a free CV review, to assess how well your CV compares to the rest. Don't leave your job search to chance!

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