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What is the best CV format to use for my job hunt?

What kind of CV (format) should I send to big companies like Google, Amazon, etc. to get noticed? – Quora reader


There is a range of CV formats you could choose from when applying for a job. Most job hunters opt for the chronological CV structure, which presents a chronological listing of employment history and education. There is also a skills-based CV, otherwise known as a functional CV, which focuses on skills and abilities.

The best CV format if you're applying for a competitive role at a top company is the combination CV, which is a hybrid of the chronological and skills-based structure. This format means that you can zoom in on your key skills and maintain a decent level of detail in your career history. It provides your prospective employer with a rounded overview of your professional experience.  

When writing a combination CV, start the document with your name, contact details, and professional profile as usual.

Then, introduce a "key skills", "core competencies" or "areas of expertise" section. Bullet point five to 10 of your most impressive skills, abilities, and achievements related to the role you're applying for. Tailoring your points to the vacancy is vital if you want to make an impact for the right reasons.

Afterwards, list your employment history in reverse-chronological order, as usual. Detail your employment dates, job title, and the company name, followed by a sentence that outlines the role and bullet points detailing your  achievements. It's essential that you try to avoid repeating points already mentioned in your core competencies section, as this is a waste of valuable space.

Round off your CV with your education, qualifications. and any other sections which support your application, to prove to employers why you're the hire they need.

We wish you the best of luck with your job hunt!

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